A new theory challenges the current body of knowledge of modern physics

 In All Presenters, Kimmel, Eitan

AUTHOR: Eitan Kimmel, Biomedical Engineering, Technion, Haifa, Israel

Background/Purpose: A new theory challenges the current body of knowledge of modern physics, regarding matter, electromagnetism, and physics of moving bodies and motion in life sciences.

Methods: It is assumed that all the fundamental particles are knots between circulation lines rotating clockwise (denote for simplicity by blue color) and counter clockwise (white), in a compressible ether-like fluid. The ether (dark matter?) is a very low density fluid that fills all empty spaces, in the outer space, and inside atoms and sub atomic particles. In between knots the bundles are undetectable, having zero circulation because of the hexagonal symmetry of the organization of 3 blue and 3 white lines. This bundle spaghetti might be the “invisible” dark energy. Rotating knots have spin, mass and electric charge, they are hereby incorporated qualitatively into molecular dynamics, in general and in gas bubble dynamics, in particular.

Results: A knot made of 6 blue lines from the two bundles is the electron. A knot of 6 white lines is the positron. Both electron and positron are stable. Different knots make the unstable quarks, the muon, and the tau particles. Both the photon and the neutrino are made of two rotating knots, equal and opposite, that form in between them, a nozzle, which results in thrust forward. This vehicle cannot reach beyond “sonic” velocity for ether – the speed of light! In difference, rotating knots on the bubble surface, put bubble’s gas molecules into swirl.

Discussion: Maxwell-Lorentz equations of electromagnetism are identical to the compressible fluid dynamics (Navier-Stokes) equations; where the magnetic and electric fields are vorticity, and velocity-cross-vorticity, respectively. Tiny gas bubbles are essential in the life of any living form. The easy flip flop between different bubble sizes enables the shifting on demand, packages of energy from mechanical to thermal forms.

Conclusion:  The vorticity-ether theory is a unified field theory, explaining many open questions in physics including gravitation, and photon-matter interaction. The electron and positron are the building stones of all matter. As for the circulating bubbles, they enable biochemical reactions; amplify and control the usage of power; and guaranties flexibility in movements of cells, tissue and organs.

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